Villa Joglo is a secure walled compound located in a south of Ubud area in Lod Tunduh village. 
The Joglo is a Javanese traditional architectural style utilised by nobility. The intricate carving and building itself are all teak wood. The house is a 150 year old Joglo transplanted from Java.
This villa was created by Judy Slattum and her husband Madé Surya. 
In 1978 Judy Slattum journeyed to Bali on sabbatical to study mask dance and textile arts. In 1986 she completed research for a book on Balinese Masks, published by Chronicle Books in 1992.
Her house is a place with strong energy and it felt like staying at home. I was inspired by incredible collection of unique books and masks. So here is the story of my October home in Ubud, Bali Island. 

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